Dress Code

Uniforms are required every day. NO EXCEPTIONS


We want all students to arrive at school ready to learn, neat and clean in appearance, in clothing of appropriate size and meeting appropriate guidelines below.  If a parent/student has a need or concern about the school’s requirements, please see administration for assistance.


Tops/Shirts for Girls and Boys

  • Red, Navy, or White Polo Shirts with Collar
  • Griffin School T-Shirts
  • Griffin Sweatshirt with No Hoods
  • Solid Red or Navy Sweatshirts – No Hoods
  • All Shirts are to be Tucked in
  • If outer wear is worn, we prefer only school sweatshirts (without hoods) or solid navy or red sweatshirts (without hoods) for outer garments. These approved sweatshirts without hoods can be worn in the classroom.  Other Jackets/outer garments can only be worn when necessary for weather conditions and cannot be worn in the classroom.


  • Navy or Khaki Pants/Shorts/Skirts ((Denim, Corduroy, or Twill Fabric); No Spandex, no sweatpants, no gym shorts
  • Shorts/Skirts must be appropriate length of mid-thigh or longer
  • No holes/rips/tears in clothing
  • Belts must be worn with clothing with belt loops


  • Closed toe shoes; preferably tennis shoes which are best for PE/Recess
  • No open-toed shoes, no backless shoes, no crocs



Polk County Dress Code for K-8


Basic Uniform Clothing: At each school to which this uniform dress code applies, the principal shall confer with the school’s SAC to develop and publish a school dress code that will contain the following basic uniform requirements as to the styles and colors of clothing.

  • Girls’ Basic Uniform: The basic uniform clothing for girls in kindergarten through eighth grade shall consist of a long or short-sleeved navy blue or white collared blouse or polo shirt with a dark blue, black, or khaki (tan) skirt, walking shorts, slacks, skorts, jumper, or similar clothing. The skirt, shorts, slacks, skorts, and jumpers may be of denim, corduroy, or twill fabric.
  • Boys’ Basic Uniform: The basic uniform clothing for boys in kindergarten through eighth grade shall consist of a long or short-sleeved navy blue or white collared shirt, such as a polo, oxford, or dress shirt, and a dark blue, black, or khaki (tan) pair of long pants or walking shorts. The pants or shorts may be of denim, corduroy, or twill fabric.
  • Additional Uniform Alternatives: In addition to the basic uniform clothing specified in paragraphs and b. above, at the discretion of the principal, a school may include in the school’s uniform dress code the following alternatives:
    • One additional specified color may be allowed for the collared shirt or blouse. Colored trim, stripes, or decorations will not be allowed. A small logo is acceptable.
    • Skirts, shorts, slacks, skorts, and jumpers must be a solid color (traditional blue jean colors are acceptable) with no stripes, decorations, or embroidery. One specified plaid will be allowed. A small logo is acceptable.
  • Considerations:In selecting such alternatives, if any, the principal and SAC shall take into consideration the availability, affordability, and practicality of the alternative.
  • School T-Shirts: In addition to the shirts and blouses described in subparagraphs a., b., and c. above, each school may include in its uniform dress code the option of allowing students to wear a school-sponsored T-shirt (which may have a crew neck rather than a collar).

Outer Garments: The uniform dress code shall not prohibit students from wearing coats, jackets, sweaters, or other appropriate outer garments when necessary due to weather conditions or for other legitimate reasons. Sweatshirts or sweaters of appropriate school color may be worn over appropriate uniform shirt or blouse. Trench coats are not appropriate nor are they allowed for grades K-12.