Mission Statement:

“We will provide a cooperative learning environment that values all people. It will support life experiences involving risk taking and problem solving that will help us become life-long learners.”




Florida First Start is on the Griffin campus.
FFS has a playgroup every Tuesday from 11:00-1:00. If you have a child under the age of four, come and play with us. Join us for art, play, music and friendship. Free books! Other resources are also available if you join the program.
or call Griffin Elementary and ask for Amy Jones.


Volunteer Information :

Background checks have recently increased to $40 and must be renewed every 5 years. In order to participate in field trips you MUST be an approved volunteer. For more information,  please contact Kristi Lampp @ 863-853-6020 ext 456 or kristi.lampp@polk-fl.net.